Dyna-Snaps make versatile wiring solutions a ‘snap’.

Why use Dyna-Snaps?

  • No more futzing or fumbling
  • Automatic connection
  • Ultimate versatility
  • Unmatched durability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Proudly made in the USA


No more futzing: Why futz? Dynamo lighting is an investment worth doing right.

Dynamo lighting systems are costly. A basic battery powered head and tail light costs a tiny fraction of what a front and rear dynamo system does, yet serious riders invest in dynamo lighting because they want a permanent solution that they don’t have to futz with. The same logic holds for magnetic wire connection. Friction-based wire connectors are the weak link in even the best lighting system. With Dyna-Snap, they don’t need to be.

Automatic connection: Dyna-Snaps couple automatically and pull easily apart.

Dyna-Snaps couple themselves as soon as they are within reach of each other, so you’ll never have to fumble with tiny, stubborn connections in tight places again (like behind a fender, within a fork crown or between the fork blade and a dynamo hub).


Their ease of connection and natural polarity make a complex wiring arrangement automatic: a no-brainer. By using available reverse polarity connectors, and by installing similarly poled connectors in opposite directions, up to four wires can be coupled and re-coupled without question of what wire goes where.

Ultimate Versatility: Magnetic connection means ultimate versatility. (Free at last!)

Where are Dyna-Snaps used? Anywhere an effortless and reliable low voltage wire connection is required. Common bicycle-related applications are shown below because that is the world where Dyna-Snaps emerged- but other potential uses abound.

(If you have another application in mind, please let us know. We’d love to hear about it!)

Travel bikes: Magnetic wire connections won’t seize, loosen, or fatigue and break– no matter how often they’re used. They’re perfect for S&S coupled, Moulton, Ritchey breakaway, and other seperable bikes. Wheel removal: Flat tire? No more fumbling around for an inaccessible connection. Just remove the wheel. Wires will detach (and later reattach) themselves. Gadget swaps: Cross compatible Dyna-Snap 3 pack allows multiple gadgets to share the same wiring. Connect just what’s needed for the ride, instantly. Theft protection: Find yourself needing to park where you would rather not? Quickly and easily remove that costly headlight before someone else does.

Dyna-Snap wiring options

Wire connection that is effortless and infinitely repeatable opens up a world of potential. Want to swap a headlight for a GPS? No problem- connecting either device to the same set of wires is a snap. Want the option of both? Split the output wires into four connectors and plug in one, the other, or both. Even four wires (like those going into and coming out of the headlight) can be coupled automatically in one go.

Unmatched durability: Magnetic connection is simple and dependable.

Dyna-Snaps are not friction-dependent, so they’ll never bind together or come loose. Even more expensive cage-shaped bullet connectors lose their “spring” over time and loosen, eventually to the point of needing replacement.

Easy installation: Installation is a snap.

Dyna-Snaps are easier to install than friction connectors. Because the connector bodies are already insulated, there is no guesswork in heat shrink placement at the contact points. Just slide the shrink up to the base of the connector body and heat for a perfect connection every time.

Responsible manufacturing: Dyna-Snaps are made by Americans paid a living wage.

Yes, by supporting this project you are procuring a smart solution to a persistent problem in low voltage wiring. But you’re also supporting a mindset of social responsibility and reciprocity, not one of profit maximization through exploitative labor practices.